The benefits for your company

How we work

We are your sparring partner We provide support in strategic personnel decisions on risk positions.
We are a network
We provide you with a network, cultivated over many years with thousands of executives, specialists and unique individuals.
We are personal
We focus on personal relationships and individual advice.
We are effective
A systematic search and a consistent selection process, help you to achieve your goals.
What we do

Our mission

Rainmaker Society is driven by the mission to create a career support network where we bring together exceptional and entrepreneurial individuals — for eye-to-eye exchanges, exciting challenges and mutual support on unique career paths.

Through us, companies find the right people “to make a difference” and to meet the challenges of the future — be it (freelance) project work, interim mandates or filling key positions in the company.


With whom we work

Our partners

Rainmaker Society

Our motivation

We are industry experts, freelancers, executives and entrepreneurs who have experienced the power of sustainable networks. When great people collaborate and take responsibility, businesses and society are changed for the better. That's why we exist - to drive your professional future. We believe that personal growth comes from having the courage to embrace change and new perspectives.

Our values

  • We take responsibility for ourselves and our environment.
  • We are hungry for success and continuous learning.
  • We are excited and ready to share our inspiration.
  • We are brave and open to new perspectives.
  • We are committed to change and innovation.
That's what our network says

Quotes from happy candidates


Head of Business Development

"Thanks to you I have found a new challenge that brings me a lot of joy and opens up new possibilities! Thank you for your personal support throughout the process."

Experience: Apryl
That's what our network says

Quotes from happy candidates


Logistics Manager

"I really appreciated the personal yet professional approach of Rainmaker Society, who were always very quick and easy to reach, so I never felt alone in my job search."

Experience: ArtNight
That's what our network says

Quotes from happy candidates


Senior Executive Sales

"When filling a role for a renewable energy company, Rainmaker Society asked me if I knew anyone in my network who could fit the exciting role. My tip led to the position being filled — and it was worth it for me too, as I received EUR 4,000. Great!"

Experience: Bombardier, KMPG, COMATCH
That's what our network says

Quotes from happy candidates


Management Consultant

"Looking for a coach, I have contacted the Rainmaker Society. At short notice I was put in touch with a coach who was able to understand my current topic very quickly and to provide me with very helpful advice. For me, the coach has been a very valuable sparring partner and we are going to continue the collaboration in the future. My previous skepticism about coaching has completely dissipated and I would also like to thank Rainmaker Society for their great support in my search."

Experience: Bain & Company, Invenda Group
That's what our network says

Quotes from happy candidates


Chief Transformation Officer Fintech

"Dear Rainmaker Society, thank you again for the great cooperation, in which you set a new experience and efficiency benchmark as a service provider. Personally, fair and an experience for both sides."

Experience: Oliver Wyman, Credit Suisse, Nets Group